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Fitness Workshop with Greg Sims

Friday, October 28, 8:00 am - 5:30 pm. Train with international fitness instructor Greg Sims.



  • All Four Workshops - $100 posted before 10/22 / $125 after 10/22
  • Individual Sessions (2 hours each) - $35 posted before 10/22  / $45 after 10/22
  • STRENGTH STRATEGIES: Total Body workshop using all muscles groups and tons of core! Walk away with plenty of moves to use right away. CEC'S: ACE .2 AFAA 2.0
  • ATHLETIC POWER: Cardio kickbox and martial arts movements to add intensity and more value to your workout. CEC'S: ACE .2 AFAA 2.0
  • SUSPENDED: Tai Chi fitness mixed into a fitness setting. See how you can work this format into a full class or cool down. CEC'S: ACE .2 AFAA 2.0
  • (AQUA) GETTING WET CARDIO STRENGTH & CORE: Powerful movements combined with slow controlled muscular strength using timed intervals. CEC'S: ACE .2 AFAA 2.0
phone: 406.751.4131
fax: 406.751.4101

About Greg
A native of Raleigh, NC, Greg holds a Business Finance degree. He started his career as a fitness model and as a Corporate Aerobic Director, he managed over 250 instructors and 7 Aerobic Coordinators. He has been a presenter at SCW, DCAC and AAAI conventions. With 23 years of experience, Greg is certified by ACE, AFAA, IFTA, AEA, AAAI. Greg is featured in more than 60 fitness videos and has starred in 3 international fitness video infomercials. He has traveled all over the world and visits Singapore at least two times a year. Greg has been the owner of IFTA (Interactive Fitness Trainers of America) for 23 years.