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Age 13 - 19 Years

Youth Development

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Teen Night

TEEN NIGHT CANCELLED for the season due to Covid-19: November 2020-March 2021
Ages: 12-17

The Summit keeps teens busy Saturday nights in social and supervised activities! It's a win-win for all: fun and freedom away from Mom and Dad in a safe setting. Teens have access to the swimming pool, gymnasium, track, walleyball, racquetball and climbing wall on certain nights. Weights, fitness machines and tennis are not available. Parent permission slip is required. Doors are closed and locked from 9:15 to 10:45pm. Parent permission and waiver form required. Please complete the online form before you attend. 

Volunteers Needed! Volunteers are essential to make this program a success. All volunteers receive three guest passes.


  • Doors are locked between 9:15 pm & 10:45 pm. Participant may only leave during this time with parents permission or 18 with I.D.
  • All bags will be searched at the front desk. Carriers of contraband will be turned over to proper authorities. Tobacco products, alcohol, illegal drugs, knives, skateboards and rollerblades are prohibited.
  • The whirlpool spa is not available during Teen Night. 
  • Please bring good attitudes, respect and politeness. It is the responsibility of all participants to know the “Teen Night Guidelines of Conduct”, which are available at the check in desk at Teen Night.
  • No fighting. Proper authorities and parents/guardian will be called.
  • No entering of opposite sex locker room. Parents/guardian will be called and participant will lose teen night privileges for the year.
  • Inappropriate use of electronic devices (cell phones, cameras, video cameras, etc.) Will result in the device being confiscated and returned to parent/guardian at the end of teen night. Images and/or video may be deleted from devices per Summit policy.
  • Teen night ends at 11:00 pm. Any child not picked up by 11:15 pm will receive a call from Summit staff. If a child is not picked up by 11:30 pm we will call the Kalispell Police Department and turn the child over to their custody.

Soccer League (Girls and Boys Ages 13-15)

Indoor futsal open to all abilities. Minimum of 8 games. Round robin schedule and a single elimination tournament. Teams will consist of 5 players on the floor at one time (4 players plus a goalie). The maximum number of teams allowed in this league is 8. Shin guards are required to play. Games will be Friday evenings only between 6:00-10:00 PM. Minimum of 5 players and league fees paid to secure a team spot. 

To learn more please visit the League webpage.