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Membership Types

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The Summit offers two basic types of memberships. Here is a brief description of each:

Temporary Memberships: These memberships may be purchased in the Member Services department for one month at a time. There is no contract or registration fee associated with this type of membership. Temporary Memberships expire 30 days after the date of purchase and there is no limit on the number of months for which a Temporary Membership may be purchased. A portion of temporary fees may be applied toward the registration fee for a Contractual Membership if processed within two weeks of the temporary expiration date.

Temporary Memberships do not include guest passes and are unable to bill charges to their account. Temporary Memberships may also be purchased for two weeks at a time.

Contractual Memberships: This type of membership offers lower monthly rates but requires a registration fee, a signed contract, and a commitment of a least one year.

Corporate Memberships are Contractual Memberships offered at a discounted rate to employees of many local companies. Employees who work for companies that belong to the Kalispell or Whitefish Area Chamber of Commerce or the Flathead Area Business Association may be eligible to receive this discounted rate. Companies with five or more employees who establish individual memberships are also eligible.

Corporate Memberships require that monthly dues be electronically transferred through a savings or checking account (EFT) or paid through payroll deduct. The Year-in-Advance prepayment discount does NOT apply to Corporate Memberships.


Membership Classifications

The Summit offers the following classifications under each membership type listed above.

Adult memberships are for individuals 19 and older.

Couple memberships are for married couples or a parent and one dependent child age 6 through 23.

Family memberships are for a married couple or a parent and their dependent children ages 6 through 23; a father and his dependent children; a mother and her dependent children; or a legal guardian(s) and their dependent children. When a child is no longer a dependent, he/she may continue their own membership with no registration fee if it is done within a month of losing dependency.

Senior status is awarded to those 65 and over.

Senior Couple memberships are for married couples or a parent and one dependent child age 6 through 23. At least one person must be 65 years of age.

Student memberships are for individuals 13 and older who are full-time students at a junior high, high school or college. Verification of student status may be requested once a year. Most adult privileges are available to student members, including adult locker rooms. Student memberships for individuals 19 and older must have verification that they are taking 12 or more college credit hours.