Membership Specials

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Buy 2 Months, Get 1 Month Free
  • Purchase a temporary membership for 2 months and get the 3rd month free.
  • Must be purchased and activated by July 1, 2019
  • Months must run consecutively
30% Off Monthly Memberships
  • Here's a flexible option for a discount on monthly memberships this summer, buy 1, 2 or 3.
  • All Temporary Memberships are 30% off.
  • Must be purchased and activated by August 1, 2019.
 Restrictions may apply. For more information call 751-4107.

$20 Teen Fit Membership

Two month membership for teens ages 13-17 for only $20.
  • Sign up June 3 - June 28 during Member Services hours, Monday - Friday 9am - 5 pm and Wednesdays 9am - 6pm.
  • Parent or legal guardian and teen must BOTH be present to sign up. 
The Details:
  • All Teen members will be expected to abide by all club rules and regulations.
  • This Two-Month Teen Membership applies to persons ages 13-17.
  • To be eligible, the teen cannot be a current member of The Summit Medical Fitness Center or have been a member within the past 90 days excluding temporary memberships.
  • The membership begins upon day of registration and lasts for 2 consecutive months. June 28 is the last day to sign up.
  • All teens must have a parent/legal-guardian present at the time of registration. A photo ID of both the parent and teen are required for enrollment. We require a school ID or birth certificate or any other personal ID for the teen if they do not have a driver’s license. Parents/legal-guardians are not permitted to sign up a neighbor’s kids or relatives. Parent/legal-guardian must sign all applicable membership forms including waiver and medical release.Member photo required.
  • The Teen Membership includes full access to The Summit Medical Fitness Center and Group Fitness classes.
  • Personal training, Tennis, CE Youth Training Academy and other specialty programs/services are available at member rates but are not included in the membership (fees apply).
  • Appropriate behavior is required. Rough-housing and rowdiness will not be tolerated and teens displaying inappropriate behavior will have the membership terminated.

Ongoing Advance Payment Specials

New Members
  • Pay a Year-In-Advance and receive a 10% discount on regular EFT monthly dues (excludes corporate rates) and a 50% discount on the one time registration fee. One year agreement required.  
Current Members
  • Pay a Year-In-Advance and receive a 10% discount on regular EFT monthly dues (excludes corporate rates).
  • Pay Six-Months-In-Advance and receive a 5% discount on regular EFT monthly dues (excludes corporate rates).
Advance payments are non-refundable. When the advance payment is depleted, your membership will not automatically cancel. If The Summit doesn't hear from you before your advance payment has depleted, you will receive a statement in the mail and will be billed at the direct bill rate