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Fitness Accessories

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Keep moving with our fitness accessories!

Heart Rate Monitors, pedometers, swim goggles and caps, headphones and other fitness accessories to keep you moving!

Featured Items

  • bkr: Meet bkr! bkr is a sleek recycled glass and silicone water bottle. Made in San Francisco this fashion forward, eco friendly bottle will keep you hydrated in style. The lid comes off in two turns so you don’t have to struggle with your bottle while you keep moving. Glass is better for you and better for the environment. The silicone slip protects the bottle from breakage. bkr is dishwasher safe and fits in standard cup holders. The Summit Pro Shop offers a variety of colors to suit your fancy.
  • Featuring Blake Passmore’s 3 Volume Series “Climb National Park.”
  • Hammer Nutrition Products to fuel your workouts!