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S.E.L.F. (Supervised Exercise with a Life Focus)

Summit Classes Schedule

What is S.E.L.F.?

S.E.L.F. is a supervised exercise program in a secure, safe environment. Participants will receive guidance and advice regarding their exercise programming from a Certified Personal Trainer, Exercise Physiologist or other equally qualified staff.

The SELF goal for staff is “every client, every time”. Every SELF client will be offered the chance to get their blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen checked and have a discussion of their exercise prescription with every visit. The exercise prescription discussion will range in time based on the current needs of the participant.   

Class Information

When: Mondays and Wednesdays 4:30 - 6 p.m.
Where: Cardio Mezzanine
Instructors: Angela Novak / Trina Starker
Cost: Free to Summit members, Non-members can purchase a SELF punch card: 8 visits for $40. Punch cards can be purchased at the front desk. 
Intake Appointment Required: Please contact Trina Starker by calling 751-6692 or email to schedule your intake appointment before starting SELF. There may be a $35 fee.

Key Points:

  • Participants will be required to fill out the ACSM Pre-Activity Screening Questionnaire and if necessary get clearance from their physician before starting SELF. This will be addressed and reviewed during the intake appointment.
  • Participants can get their blood pressure, oxygen, weight and heart rate checked before starting their workout. They can log this on their exercise chart to keep track of their progress and if desired can take that information to share with their physician.
  • Participants will be encouraged to follow a program that includes a warm-up, cardio, strength, cool-down, balance and stretching as appropriate.
  • While everyone is welcome, this program is designed with the following populations in mind; CR graduates, Journey to Wellness participants, Inexperienced exercisers, individuals with chronic conditions or recovering from an injury, individuals who feel insecure or uncomfortable exercising.