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How fit are you? Do you know your VO2max, the key index of aerobic/cardiovascular fitness?  Do you know your lactate threshold?  Are you building your exercise / training program around this information?   Do you have any concerns about exercising safely?  Have you ever had a baseline and exercise EKG?

The Exercise & Sports Science Center (ESSC) can answer all these health, fitness, and training questions to help you achieve your personal goals. We develop personalized target heart rate training zones and make specific recommendations based upon your goals. Are you starting a new exercise program and wish to know more about your current fitness status and cardiovascular health?  Let us add science to your training.  Learn where you stand compared to others your age.  It's time to invest in yourself. When health, fitness and performance matters! 

Check out some of the results of lab testing below. ESSC tailors services across all levels of fitness from beginners to recreational athletes. For more information, please contact us:

Rob Confessore: p: (406) 758-2270 x 1 e: 
Dan Paine: p: (406) 758-2270 x 2 e:
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