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Youth Coaching

Program Information

  1. The high school student athlete wellness coaching component of Competitive Edge is a comprehensive coaching service that provides participants with the tools to develop, maximize, sustain, and be accountable for individual behaviors.
  2. Each student athlete creates a personalized and meaningful wellness plan. This process includes step-by-step goal setting that increases personal, academic, and athletic success.
  3. Goals are evaluated at each semi-weekly coaching session.


In order to register for the youth wellness coaching component of Competitive Edge you must contact Kyle Kercher. He can be reached at 751-3096(w), 406-399-0888(c), or
  • 1 Month: Member: $119/month; Non-member: $129/month
  • 6 Month Commitment: Member: $89/month; Non-member: $99/month
  • 12 Month Commitment: Member: $79/month; Non-member: $89/month