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Youth Coaching Update

As with everything in CE, we're constantly evolving and improving. This wellness coaching element of CE is currently being reworked to fit within the future vision of CE. So for the short-term we will unfortunately not be taking on any new wellness coaching clients.
Stay tuned for more information! 

Feel free to contact or 751-3096 for an update on this status.

Program Information

  1. The high school student athlete wellness coaching component of Competitive Edge is a comprehensive coaching service that provides participants with the tools to develop, maximize, sustain, and be accountable for individual behaviors.
  2. Each student athlete creates a personalized and meaningful wellness plan. This process includes step-by-step goal setting that increases personal, academic, and athletic success.
  3. Goals are evaluated at each semi-weekly coaching session.


In order to register for the youth wellness coaching component of Competitive Edge you must contact Kyle Kercher. He can be reached at 751-3096(w), 406-399-0888(c), or
  • 1 Month: Member: $119/month; Non-member: $129/month
  • 6 Month Commitment: Member: $89/month; Non-member: $99/month
  • 12 Month Commitment: Member: $79/month; Non-member: $89/month