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Barbell Testimonials

“Competitive Edge has been the single best decision I have made about my personal fitness. The difference? The phenomenal coaching. I didn’t realize the benefits of having a coach until I experienced it for myself. Grey and Kyle are on a mission to reveal the inner athlete in everyone – whatever their age.  At 37, I’m the strongest, healthiest, and leanest that I have ever been. As a mother of three and working 40+ hours per week at the hospital, Competitive Edge is my daily dose of “Barbell Medicine” and makes me better in every aspect of life. Stronger is better.” Amber Norbeck, KRH Pharmacist

I joined the Summit several months ago and I was very interested in the Competitive Edge classes. I had the opportunity to participate in the 8 week barbell class. I'm very impressed with the professionalism of the instructors. Their knowledge and expertise is top notch. My strength and endurance has drastically improved in only a short time period. I'm hooked!!! I am now starting my second 8 week class and very excited to see more improvement with my personal fitness. I encourage anyone who is looking to get fit or just looking for a great challenge to start one of the Competitive Edge classes. – Rick Mehring, 

I am a full-time professional, mother of a special needs toddler, and wife.  Like most women, I put all of those things ahead of myself.  My weight never came down after having my son, I was feeling sluggish, and low self-esteem was affecting me both personally and professionally.  I joined Competitive Edge to lose weight.  In 5 months of Competitive Edge Barbell I have lost 22 pounds of fat and 6 inches off my abdomen, but what I have gained is so much more valuable.  Competitive Edge has become a positive outlet for stress, taught me what my body is truly capable of, and shifted my focus from thin to fit.  I have more energy, a dramatically improved range of motion, and a renewed confidence in both my physical and mental abilities.  The small group personal training environment is the perfect mix of personalization, accountability, and fun.  The Competitive Edge trainers and other program participants are always there with a smile and encouraging word.  I still have work to do to meet my physical and fitness goals but I am so much more confident that I will get there.  This program truly has given me a competitive edge. – Holly Williams

"I just wanted to share a sweet moment this morning:  my 16 year old son, Ryan, remarked (out of the blue) that I looked stronger & leaner.  Halleluiah!  - Something’s changing.  Thanks CE – that’s a first month-halfway mark- happy moment that will keep me moving forward in Barbell 1 training.
Thanks for your program and excellent coaching… 
Now I’m gonna hobble down the stairs because my glutes & hams are sore – lol!
Big Scary goal: complete a triceps pushup (down & UP) by April 1st." - Deb Harding (since then Deb has CRUSHED this goal

After coming through a diagnosis of cancer, I wanted and needed to feel in control again. I was running regularly, but weight training kind of scared me because I had never done it before. I was really nervous about doing it “right”. The Competitive Edge program at The Summit, and specifically the Competitive Edge coaches (Erin, Kyle and Grey), walked me through everything; starting with the very basics. They ensured that I used proper form and technique from the beginning. My sense of empowerment from those incremental weight increases is astonishing. The strength, confidence and discipline I gain with every class is a gift to me and my health. – Leann Speakman, RN

“This course is great and Grey is a great trainer. After just 3 weeks I have lost 6 lbs and feel great. Grey creates a positive atmosphere, but also pushes us to really focus on the proper lifts rather than just getting us through the session. I would easily recommend this to others, as I have already done so, and I will always recommend Grey for training.” –Chris McLoy

“I used to dread and avoid lifting weights because I was not confident that I knew what I was doing and was afraid of hurting myself. I also thought it was totally boring. Barbell 1 has changed my perspective. First of all, it’s fun working out with other people. Kyle, the trainer, has provided the knowledge and coaching to raise my confidence and lower my fear. And the personalized workouts provide a path for me to keep progressing. I’m recommending the class to my friends.” – Jeanette Houghtelling, RN

"Grey has been awesome at coaching this 'beginner' strength trainee. Ge takes time with each person to be sure they are using proper form. He also makes sure to continually challenge me. I can't remember what it feels like to not have sore muscles, and that's a good thing!" - Lauren Krass

"Barbell is awesome. Without a coach it's easy to fall into old form habits. Each coach has helpful habits and instructing skills!" - Linda Boyer

“I was introduced to Competitive Edge in March, 2016, and simply put, it has been the best investment I have made for my health.  What started out as a polite recommendation to enroll in a barbell class from a fitness coach during my initial “Wellness” evaluation has become my little “Happy Place” where, twice a week, I look forward to challenging myself and seeing the immediate (“Yay, I lifted that!”) as well as downstream   (i.e. replacing 5 lbs of fat with muscle! ) returns  of my sweat equity.  For me, there are fewer things more gratifying than experiencing first-hand how I evolved from attempting a push up with “wet-noodle”- like arms that could barely lift me up--- to actually being able to do coach-approved reps after a few months!  Being strong can definitely fire up not only one’s metabolism but also self-confidence like nothing else, and the stronger I became, the easier every activity I did became as well , be it hiking or biking. The idea of training all of the muscle groups simultaneously is as much of a mental as it is a physical endeavor, and having a small-group setting with excellent coaches making sure we do so properly and safely has been invaluable.  As an endocrinologist,  I have for years  advocated  engaging in  non-specific  “exercise”   to my patients ad nauseum;  now I can personally  endorse how empowering strength-training can be for their health and well-being (and skinny jeans!) .  I have a long way to go myself, but as that famous movie with you know who goes, “I’ll be back” (to the Summit)!” Dr. Irene Feria, KRH Endocrinologist 

"I have been an active member at the Summit now for over two years. I ritually participated in Zumba classes, yoga, an occasional swim class, and also tried a couple different body toning classes. Being in my early 40's, I felt there was something lacking from my work out routine.  I had always heard that heavy weights could provide strength and endurance, but also burn fat while gaining muscle. 
I gave Competitive Edge barbell training a try during the free introductory week in April. After the very first class, I was hooked! I immediately signed up for the full 8 week session and I am still actively participating. My strength results have been amazing to me. When I started, just lifting the bar with no extra weights was a challenge. Now I get excited when Erin says "go up" for my weights! I feel that each increase is a new goal achieved. I am deadlifting and squatting near my body weight and feel stronger every time I walk out the door.
Not only do I feel and look stronger, but my activities of daily and recreational activities have benefited. I recently did a week long rafting trip on the Smith River the end of May. In that short of time from beginning this program, I could not believe how strong I was on the trip. I pushed, pulled, and lifted our heavily weighted raft, carried large logs I found in the woods, chopped wood, set up camp, and did not run out of energy.  
I can easily carry my kayak on my shoulder down to the lake on my own (which I couldn't do before). Even simple household chores have become easier, like carrying heavy baskets of laundry up two flights of stairs, which seems like a breeze now. 
Erin, Gray, and Kyle have been great coaches and push me to not only reach my goals, but exceed them.  I still enjoy a yoga or Zumba class now and then, but Competitive Edge has become a life changing and necessary part of my life. Thank you CE" - Heidi Gabert