Youth Training Academy

Youth Training Academy

  • Injury prevention 
  • Performance enhancement
    • Long-term muscle hypertrophy.
    • Short-term neuromuscular function improvements.
    • Coordination for kids is important and lifting weights allows them to become familiar with their bodies making a brain to muscle connection.  This will make their reactions quicker and more accurate when it comes to competition.
    • Power production and strength can be worked on at an early age. Prevent early exclusion of sport participation by not being cut. These adaptations occur in a quick manner in athletes with no experience because of motor unit recruitment patterns developing. Even at this early age, muscles can be detrained so if you don’t use it you lose it.
  • Strength training is SAFE. 
    • Will not harm the growth plates.  It will actually increase growth hormone and testosterone. 
  • Expert coaching
    • Kids need to be in a safe environment where properly certified individuals are supervising and coaching technique with EVERY athlete.
CE Youth Training Academy Pricing:
  • $129 per month for Summit Members: Minimum 2-month commitment (access to 3 classes per week) 
  • Non-Summit members need to either join the Summit to become a member or purchase the 10 class pack.

10 class pack: (6-month expiry)
  • Summit members: $169
  • Non-Summit members: $199
Ages: 5th grade and up
Schedule: Choose either Schedule 1 or Schedule 2 
Schedule 1 = Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Schedule 2 = Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Monday to Friday:
3:30-4:30 PM
4:30-5:30 PM

High School Elites Class:
Mondays & Wednesdays @ 7-8 PM

1. What is the Youth Training Academy?
Strength, speed, and mobility-based movements will be used to set the basic motor skills in place to enhance the participants’ success in sports. Small group training environment with certified coaches. Sessions are approximately 1 hour in duration.
2. Is training safe for my child? 
Overwhelmingly, the research points to exercise enhancing athletic performance, reducing injury, and thus assisting in the growth process of both adolescent and preadolescent athletes.  We provide a safe environment supervised by professionals to mitigate injury risk involved in The Turf area.
3. When are the training sessions offered and how do I schedule them?
Sessions are available at staggered times every day after school. Find which category the participant fits into and what schedule works best.  Classes run on either a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule or a Tuesday, Thursday, Friday schedule. To register, please contact the front desk at The Summit or Kyler Blades. Kyler can be reached at or 406-751-4117. During summer time, class times will change. Contact Kyler for details.
4. What happens if my son/daughter is not able to attend the Competitive Edge coaching session at the time that I committed for?
Because Competitive Edge has offered a tremendous membership value, we must enforce all contracts for their full length of time (similar to cell phone plans and car leases). In the event you permanently relocate more than 50 miles outside Kalispell City limits, your contract may be canceled with proper documentation. In the event your son or daughter cannot attend a session we will make an attempt to accommodate with permission to attend a class not originally scheduled for that individual.  In the event your son or daughter becomes unable to participate in coaching at Competitive Edge due to a medical reason, the membership may be frozen and extended beyond the contractual dates. This extension must be submitted during the time of your son or daughter’s initial membership and needs to be authorized with a physician’s note. Extensions will not be granted if applied for after the contractual expiration date.