Yoga for Athletes

Yoga for Athletes Info

Yoga for Athletes is designed to complement any strength training or endurance program to improve range of motion, coordination, balance, and breath awareness resulting in better performance and improved quality of life. 
The purpose of this class is to help athletes balance time spent training with recovery from the stresses of training. We will address potential underlying imbalances and instabilities that may lead to overuse injuries.

What is different about Yoga for Athletes? Workouts and poses are designed specifically to address areas where athletes are often weak, tight and unbalanced. Similar to other CE classes – the movements in Yoga for Athletes are designed with progressions from week to week.
Instructor’s Background – Dr. Vanessa Kercher - Practice Yoga with a teacher who has a Ph.D., Master’s, and Bachelor’s in Exercise Physiology and Sport Psychology, Health and Human Performance, and Athletic Training. Vanessa has taught Yoga for Athletes at the University of Idaho for 5 years.
For anyone that wants to stay balanced and keep their competitive edge—we invite you to explore CE’s Yoga for Athletes!
  • 10-packs: $70
  • Drop-In Rates: Members - $9. Non-members - $18
  • Limited to 20 people per class
  • Classes Tuesdays @630pm & Saturdays @9am
  • Located on the turf
  • Classes begin Tuesday, June 19th
  • Classes will run in 6 week increments, aligning with Week 2 to Week 7 of other CE classes
    • 6 weeks on, 3 weeks off, 6 weeks on, 3 weeks off, etc