Student Athlete Coaching

Program Information

  1. The high school student athlete wellness coaching component of Competitive Edge is a comprehensive coaching service that provides participants with the tools to develop, maximize, sustain, and be accountable for individual behaviors.
  2. Each student athlete creates a personalized and meaningful wellness plan. This process includes step-by-step goal setting that increases personal, academic, and athletic success.
  3. Goals are evaluated at each semi-weekly coaching session.


In order to register for the Student Athlete Coaching component of Competitive Edge you'll need to swing by Summit's membership office. Contact Phil Moore at 406-270-6812 (c) or with additional questions. 
  • 1 Month: Member: $119/month; Non-member: $129/month
  • 6 Month Commitment: Member: $89/month; Non-member: $99/month
  • 12 Month Commitment: Member: $79/month; Non-member: $89/month

Coach Phil Moore

B.S. Kinesiology with a concentration in Youth Sports & Recreation
Wellness and Student Athlete Coach
ACE Group Fitness Instructor

Coach Moore has a passion for helping student athletes reach their goals. As a former athlete who competed both in the Olympic Trials and professionally, Coach Moore understands the balance needed to be successful both in personal life and athletics. He has over 16 years of experience coaching adolescents in athletic performance, recreation, emotional growth, independent living skills, academic planning, and life. He truly cares about each participant and encourages them to achieve his or her personal, academic, and athletic goals.