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Introducing MetCon

This challenging workout will have your heart close to 85-95% of its maximum, your lungs and your muscles will be burning and all because your energy systems will be working overtime to keep up with what MetCon demands of you.
It’s simple, you lift weight fast, with proper form for as long as the entire round of exercises takes you.
Causes lots of excessive post-exercise oxygen consumption, boosting your metabolism for hours after your workout.
MetCon is a form of resistance exercise, and since a form of progressive overload is used (i.e., striving to lift a little more, or do an extra few reps every training session – with an emphasis on proper form) your body will respond by increasing strength and lean mass, as it would do with any strength training session.

MetCon Philosophy
  • We train with proper form while also encouraging high intensity
  • We challenge your metabolic rate using primarily barbell and strength-based exercises
  • We perform a complex barbell movement prior to our circuit to teach and improve technique
  • We provide diverse workout variation
  • We program our workouts to emphasize 4-week hypertrophy and strength phases
  • Above all, we strive to execute safe and proper technique at all times
Why join MetCon?
  • Become the fittest you’ve ever been, without spending hours in the gym. 45-minute workouts.
  • Accountability and motivation provided by your training group and coach
  • Programmed workouts: each workout has been designed with a progressive, measurable purpose as opposed to workouts at random with undefined goals
    • Load increases, ROM improvements, & barbell technique to improve
  • Limited class space – small group training
  • Energetic atmosphere
  • Highly intense class with barbell skill development
  • Most technical strength and conditioning coaching in the region
8 Week Program Includes:
  • 45-minute intense classes (2 per week + Open Gym w/ a Coach = up to 3 sessions per week)
  • Functional movement assessment prior to participation
  • Proper Form and Technique coached for ALL movements in the program
  • 16 programmed MetCon workouts
    • 16 hands-on coached classes (plus open gym sessions)
    • Access to coaching whenever you and a coach are on the floor
    • Capacity: 9
  • Members: 2 payments of $89 or $178 total.
  • Non-Members: $228 total.
  1. Combine the benefits of cardio and strength training
  2. Achieve a massive fat burning effect
  3. Promote muscle development
  4. Boost your metabolic rate for up to 36 hours after your workout
  5. Spend only 45 minutes in the gym
  6. Progressive, programmed workouts planned throughout the week to ensure all muscle groups are trained in an appropriate manner