Athletic Training

Athletic Training in the Flathead Valley

Each year in the Flathead Valley, thousands of youth participate in sports and physical activity. Kalispell Regional Healthcare and The Summit Medical Fitness Center are dedicated to protecting these children and adolescents from sport-related injury and illness. We are proud to partner with Kalispell schools in providing athletic training services at Flathead and Glacier High Schools.

We believe that sport safety starts with preparedness and protection which is why we provide immediate care for injuries sustained at practice and competition. Our certified athletic trainers also refer students and parents to see the appropriate medical providers based on the nature and severity of injuries.

Without access to athletic trainers our schools would run the risk of increased incidence and severity of injuries such as sport-related concussion, cardiac emergency and musculoskeletal injury. Our credentialed athletic trainers are dedicated healthcare professionals who specialize in prevention, recognition and diagnosis of such conditions.

For more information regarding our community-based athletic training program please contact 751-3096 or

For more information on the National Athletic Trainers' Association click here to go to their website