Our Adult and Youth Programs

Our Programs

Competitive Edge has two distinct elements: adult services and youth services. It begins with our adult Barbell progression. Barbell introduces participants to the fundamentals of barbell training, teaching you how to lift safely and effectively. As you progress through Barbell you will advance to continue perfecting your technique while building a strong athletic foundation for whatever life throws at you.
Our second adult CE program element is referred to as MRT (Metabolic Resistance Training). MRT combines the best of strength and cardio training into an intense, efficient 30 minute workout.
Why join Competitive Edge Barbell Training?
  • Most knowledgeable strength and conditioning coaching in the region
  • Purpose driven workouts, not just random exercises to burn calories
  • Lifelong barbell training skill development
  • Customized programming for each trainee
  • Learn how to use a barbell to master strength and fitness
  • Run faster, jump higher, get stronger and become a better human
  • The barbell is the key to strength and power
  • It’s yours – we provide you with a comprehensive training program built specifically for you. We create your classes, lifts, and conditioning days
  • The small class size ensures that each trainee gets the attention and real-time feedback they need to maximize their progress in the gym and get the best possible return on their training investment.
Our youth services are housed within the CE Youth Training Academy. We offer:
  • Group training classes
  • High school student-athlete coaching
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