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When Health Fitness & Performance Matter
Dr. Robert Cale   Robert T. Cale, M.D.
   Montana Center for Wellness & Pain Management Kalispell
“The comprehensive Executive Physical program run by Robert Confessore and his colleagues at Kalispell Regional Medical  Center is second to none.  The testing and evaluation is extensive, and fully the equal of high-end systems employed by  professional sports teams.  To find a comparable program you would have to travel to Seattle or Mayo Clinic.  I came away with a  greater understanding of how I may enhance the vigor and extend the life of my 68 year-old body.  The experience was  exhilarating, and I would recommend it to anyone interested in their health and wellness.”

Annie Hill     
Glacier High School Track     
“I've always been a competitive and motivated runner, but I also know that there are ways I can improve my fitness, technique, mental preparation and overall success. Competitive Edge has helped me do those things. Dr. Confessore and his team analyzed my fitness in a VO2Max test and gave me direct feedback on training paces and cycles. The process was fun, informative and motivating! Having Competitive Edge as part of my “team” has been awesome! Thank you Competitive Edge for genuinely caring about and supporting my success!”

   Dr. Bernadette Van Belois, M.D.

 “I highly recommend this testing to anyone who is interested in evaluating their current fitness level and who is looking for ways to  improve. The information collected is reported back and reviewed in -depth and an individualized plan is formulated to target  weaker areas and build on strengths. I intend to repeat this testing after I have had a chance to implement the plan developed for  me. Some of the results were surprising and will definitely influence my training program. It was time and effort well spent and I  appreciate the opportunity to work with such knowledgeable and helpful professionals.”