Competitive Edge Performance Lab

When Health Fitness & Performance Matter

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Where Performance & Health Meet

"When Health, Fitness and Performance Matter"
Modern athletes probably do not work harder than their predecessors - they simply work smarter.  Here at The Summit Medical Fitness Center our Competitive Edge Performance Lab [CEPL] provides a scientific foundation and best practice strategy for improving the "human machine" and increasing the pace at which it is able to perform.

Summit Competitive Edge Performance Lab

CEPL makes available to the general public, at an affordable price, services that not long ago were available only to the elite athlete.  Fitness testing is the cornerstone of any exercise program.  Without this information it is difficult to develop an effective, individualized program.  Without a baseline you are "FLYING WITHOUT INSTRUMENTS". 

How Can I Benefit from the Performance Lab?

Have you ever asked yourself:
  • How fit am I?
  • What is my TRUE maximal heart rate?
  • What is my current training status?
  • What is the maximum and average power I can generate?
  • What is my ratio of muscle to fat?  And does this relate to my health, fitness and performance?
  • Am I providing my body with the correct fuel?
  • HOW can I become healthier, more fit and perform my best?