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Pickleball can be played in the gymnasium during specified Picklball times, see Gymnasium and Pickleball Schedules for details. 

We want everyone to enjoy Pickleball at The Summit. Please review the following etiquette and guidelines. Thank you!

Due to COVID-19 our Pickleball guidelines have changes.
  • We have Open PIckleball and Reservation Picklball. 
  • Please bring your own gear and avoid sharing.
  • Masks are required when sitting on bench when not playing.
  • Masks are not required when actively playing.
Open PIckleball
  • Sign in required. Sign in sheet located on podium by pickleball court 3.
  • Mixed play, all levels, round robin player rotation.
  • Max 14 players.
  • Masks required when sitting on bench when waiting to play. 
Reservation PIckleball
  • Reserve court at front desk. Singles, doubles or round robin play. Max 6 players per court for round robin play. 
  • Reservations are recommended but not required.
  • Members can only make reservations 72 hours in advance. Please call front desk to reserve your court, 751-4100, Option 2.
  • If there aren't any reservations, play it's on a first come, first served basis.
  • No mixed play between courts.
  • Up to 2 hour hour reservations or play time.
  • COURT ROTATION will be used during Open PIckleball times.   
  • First game: Winners stay on and split. Losers come off and next two players waiting come on. 
  • Next Game: Losers come off and next two waiting players come on.
  • No two players can play more than two games in a row when players are waiting.
  • 4 players waiting – the Paddle Stacking System will be utilized.
  • When you come off the court after your game put your paddles at the end of the paddle line. The clip on the paddle marks the next to play. Stack paddles left to right.
  • Paddles must always be placed at the end of the line.
  • Those willing to give up play time to play with a certain group or partner have that option.
  • Please do not change paddle line up without permission of players. 
  • Have fun, it’s only a game.
  • Follow rotation guidelines so everyone has a chance to play regardless of ability.
  • Follow the rules and schedule. / During open play, players play with all levels.
  • If you are unsure of your level of play and/or ranking – a self-ranking guide is available at
  • Please review USAPA rule summary in the Pickleball binder located at the fitness desk and in the Picklball basket.