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Summit Programs

Leagues 2020-2021

Leagues will not be running during the 2020 Fall Season due to COVID-19. Any questions please call Eric at 751-4136.

Soccer and Volleyball Leagues

Our leagues offer recreational and competitive choices.

If you are in need of another teammate, or in need of a team to join, please email the league coordinator at to receive a free agent list. To receive member prices, player must be a member of the Summit for the duration of league play.

Please note that the league coordinator will communicate schedules and additional information to team captains via e-mail.  If you have any questions contact 406-751-4136.

CLICK HERE TO GET CERTIFIED - watch the video and take the test, print certificate for registration.
All participants age 17 and under are required to provide proof that they and their parent(s) are concussion certified. To get certified, athletes and parents need to watch a concussion education video, take the test and print out a certificate. Please bring certificate with you to register.