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Success Stories

Steve Cook – 80lbs lighter and off arthritis medications!

Steve Cook of Whitefish was ready for a life changer and boy did he get what he was looking for with the One2One 6-month Optimum program. At the age of 60, and the heaviest he had been at 270 pounds he jumped aboard the One2One boat with his coach Teckla, and has been transformed over the last 6 months. Steve uses the word “reborn” explaining how he not only notices the physical changes that come with losing over 80 pounds, but now he has more energy, gets better sleep and says his mind is sharper and he’s off his arthritis medication.  Steve enjoys cooking colorful foods now and riding his bike to pick up his weekly CSA of fruit and vegetables. Congratulations Steve and Teckla!  Steve's wellness and strength coaching took place at our location in Whitefish and Whitefish Therapy & Sport Center.


Muffie Thomson - No more achy knees!

Muffie has come to life with 16 lbs of weight loss! 
Muffie did our One2One Synergy program 3 month program with Coach Deb. Before the program, she felt aches in her knees and was disinterested in strength training. She had been working on her cardio fitness, but it was really through the group atmosphere she gained more confidence in strength training, and started seeing immediate results. Muffie reports making better choices with nutrition, self-care and hydration! The group helped make accomplishing her wellness goals fun and interesting. Congratulations on your success; we love seeing that big smile!


Joe Akey - Skittles & Coke No More! Down 38lbs!

Joe Akey lost 38 pounds with the help of the One2One Weight Management program and his coach Teckla.  Before the program Joe had low energy and had bad indigestion with terrible eating habits. His normal lunch was a bacon cheese burger with a couple of sodas. Because of the One2One program, Joe has changed his eating habits for the better. He now enjoys healthy food and has energy to play with his kids. He try's to set an hour a day aside for exercise. Joe also say's at the end of the day, he feels 1000 times better. Way to go Joe and coach Teckla!


Other Sucess Stories

"Making life style changes can be very challenging! Participating in the One2One helped me to get started on a journey to better health and to keep me moving forward. Sure I slipped, but my One2One coach helped me to identify strengths and gave me new tools – She was there to help me hold myself accountable to my goals." - Sharon D.

“My One2One coach helped me to identify strengths and gave me new tools – She was there to help me hold myself accountable to my goals.”— Cheryl H.
“I’ve seen so many changes in myself in such a short period of time I find it hard to remember the old me. My biggest obstacles were negative self- talk and setting unrealistic goals. My coach helped me achieve attainable goals and most importantly believe in myself.” – Karen B.

“With the help of my One-2-One Wellness Coach, I have been able to develop an exercise program and dietary changes that fit my active lifestyle.  The App to track food and activity helped to keep me aware of how much I was eating and exercising, which helped me stay motivated to stick with my plan and reach my weekly goals.  At the end of the 16 week period, I will have surpassed my long range goals, and have developed exercise and diet habits that will stay with me, hopefully forever.” -  Kathy Y.