Meet Our One2One Team

All certified Wellness Coaches are trained in Wellcoaching - School of Coaching, the gold standard in coaching. A partner with the American College of Sports Medicine, science-based and expert leaders in facilitation of mindset and behavior change that generates sustainable healthy lifestyles.  


Andrea Buckingham

Andrea Buckingham Registered Dietitian, Montana State University
Masters in Science in Health and Human Development, Montana State University
Health & Wellness Coach, Wellcoach School of Coaching Trained  

Originally from southwest Colorado, Andrea relocated to Bozeman for graduate school in the fall of 2014, where she earned a master’s of science in Health and Human Development with emphases in nutrition and exercise. During her graduate work and research, she also completed the required courses in order to become a registered dietitian. Within a year of finishing graduate school, she enrolled in the Montana Dietetic Internship. Over the course of a year, she worked in numerous areas of rural Montana with various populations of people including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, gastrointestinal diseases, and many more. Andrea successfully became a registered dietitian in 2016 and is a licensed nutritionist in the state of Montana. She relocated to Kalispell during the last quarter of 2016 and has enjoyed numerous hiking, backpacking, snowboarding, and snow shoeing adventures during her brief time in the area. Andrea firmly believes in helping people create a healthful balance between food, activity, and general wellness factors, in hopes of improving her clients’ quality of life through preventing the development and progression of acute and chronic diseases. After all, the food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison. -Ann Wigmore

Teckla Nemeroff

BS Exercise Science
N.S.C.A. Personal Trainer Certified
A.C.E. Personal Trainer Certified
Health & Wellness Coach, Wellcoach School of Coaching Certified

With a background in exercise science, I have been fortunate spending all of my career in a hospital based wellness center where it has been my passion to engage people in activity to overcome disease, enable healing or simply to be strong and fit for life. I have enjoyed work in cardiac, pulmonary, cancer, eating disorder and athletic injury rehabilitation as well as personal training. Montana is a very special place to live, work and play. Helping people discover and remember why they want to be Well is a rewarding and energizing process to be a part of. Hearing what delights, frustrates, excites and even puzzles us all about what it means to eat well, move more, stress less and have brighter health is a privilege. Being creative together to discover new ways of supporting real and lasting change is my favorite aspect of coaching. We know that exercise and good nutrition will afford us better health but the challenges are the reason for an ally.


Valerie Goss

BS Exercise Science
ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Health & Wellness Coach, Wellcoach School of Coaching Trained

Like you, wellness coach and personal trainer Valerie Goss strives to be "well" in all areas of her life - mind, body, and soul. This quest for ultimate health and happiness led her to begin her career in 2001 as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. Adding wellness coaching in the mix in 2017, she inspires and challenges you to go beyond what you would do alone. With a passion for helping people realize their potential, she will guide you in setting realistic goals, and view obstacles as opportunities to learn and grow. She is inspired by her fellow coaches and endeavors to live each day to the fullest. Her goal is to wake up each day with a purpose and a heart full of joy! When she is not at The Summit she likes to jog and garden, but she spends most of her spare time chasing two fabulous teenage boys!

Sally Beaulieu

A.C.S.M. Personal Trainer Certified
Stott Pilates Comprehensive Mat Trained
Health & Wellness Coach, Wellcoach School of Coaching Certified 

Sally is passionate about conditioning for outdoor fitness fun and encouraging her clients to live “Montana Strong” lifestyles! Sally is committed to providing education, accountability and balanced lifestyle support to her clients. She is known by her family and friends for her compassion and ability to encourage and support folks in her community with wellness planning that includes; stress management, cleaning eating, mindfulness, nature therapy, outdoor recreation and movement. Sally believes in living a balanced lifestyle and feels strongly that staying healthy and active through all phases of life has a significant impact on our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Some of her favorite activities are exploring Montana’s great outdoors with family and friends, playing with her grandchildren, strength training, Pilates, singing, skiing, snow shoeing, biking, horseback riding, hiking, fly fishing, collecting antiques, cooking and gardening.

Dana Dobson

Dana Dobson, Personal Trainer

Applied Science in Personal Training Certificate
A.C.S.M. Personal Trainer Certified
Health & Wellness Coach, Wellcoach School of Coaching Certified

As a personal trainer I have learned how small successes can leads to major life changes. We are all on a journey. We are all fighting our own fight. It is my privilege to share this journey with my clients. The greatest joy I receive from wellness coaching is being a small part of the growth of self confidence and wellbeing that occurs as a person discovers that they can do it, they are strong. Wellness, weight loss and fitness are a second career for me. Because exercise and living a healthy lifestyle had such a huge impact on my own self esteem it became my passion to help others feel better about themselves. Certified since 2010, I believe I offer a fresh and wholehearted passion to help others be their best selves.

Greg Vanichkachorn, MD, MPH - One2One Medical Advisor

Dr. Van earned his medical degree from Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine. He then completed a residency in family medicine, during which he further developed his appreciation for the interaction between health, the environment, and community actions. After briefly practicing primary care, Dr. Van began a career in occupational medicine as the Medical Director for Occupational Health Services in Kalispell, Montana. After six years of practice, Dr. Van was Board Certified in Occupational Medicine by the American Board of Preventive Medicine. In addition, he completed residency training in occupational and environmental medicine at the University Of Pennsylvania Perelman School Of Medicine via a rigorous two year executive program.
Most recently, Dr. Van has used his new skills and knowledge as the Corporate Health Director for Kalispell Regional Healthcare. In this role, Dr. Van is tasked with optimizing employee health and productivity not only for Kalispell Regional Healthcare, but also for employers across the state of Montana. Outside of medicine, Dr. Van's interests include aviation, cooking, home brewing, fly fishing, and Ironman triathlons.