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                                                                               Shilo Golie
 How-day everybody! My name is Shilo Golie. I am very proud to admit that I have been selected as the “Journey to Wellness” client of the month. J2W has brought me profound gifts, as well as a more stable and confident self. My personal opinion on this program could go on for many pages. Yet I am attempting to sum it up for you to understand. Every last person who works at the Summit Medical Fitness Center and the wide variety of opportunities they can give you are completely amazing. I have been blessed with a stronger body, better exercising skills, and countless new friendships! About 8 years ago I was diagnosed with a debilitating chronic condition called Epilepsy which causes random seizures during the day and at night while trying to sleep. This condition has somewhat robbed me of any kind of future I was planning on experiencing, but thanks to the Journey to Wellness program a little more light has been guided into my life. I am truly thankful for every person involved in making this possibility a reality! It’s absolutely true. These people are here to help you lead a healthier, happier, more in tune journey with the entire world around you!

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