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Susan Weber
I broke my wrist last year and was left feeling very weak and vulnerable.  Since moving to Kalispell six years ago I have fallen five times.  I was terrified of falling again and my balance needed balancing!  I knew I needed to build strong bones if I wanted to continue the lifestyle I love which includes lots of walking and golf.  I spent months trying to figure out what to do to realize this goal.  When I heard about Journey to Wellness I knew it was the path that would lead me to exactly what I needed.  I met with my wellness coach, Deb Davis, weekly to explore all the exercise choices which would benefit me.  I tried and discarded many choices until I settled on Tai Chi, yoga, walking and free weights.  These exercises work because I like them, I am building strong bones and muscle and they fit into my busy schedule.  Deb also encouraged me to take quiet time and to be kind to myself.  That was even harder to assimilate than the exercise!  But I started taking time for me, usually at a coffee shop.  I am taking quiet time and being kind to myself at the same time!  I realized that being upbeat and patient about my progress makes the journey easier.  I think that tending to my physical and mental well-being is helping me in other ways.  I recently finished writing a children’s book I started 10 years ago.  I am so grateful I found this program and am indebted to my awesome coach Deb Davis.