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April 2018

Nordic Walking

Learn the science behind and technique for Nordic walking. The Nordic Walking technique gives you the opportunity to walk in spite of foot, knee, hip or back issues! Nordic walking burns more calories than regular walking alone and gives you a great core workout while de-stressing the above areas.

J Walking

J Walking is a perfect opportunity to get outside and enjoy the outdoors right from the Summit!  It is a great time to go on a walk with people and talk, socialize and Nordic Walk if you want!!  People of all walking abilities are welcome and walk lengths vary depending on the energy of the participants.

Basic Training

An introduction to resistance training which utilizes both resistance machines and free weights. This class is taught in a small group environment with an emphasis on safety and technique.

Tai Chi

Sometimes referred to as "Meditation in Motion"; research has demonstrated that the practice of Tai Chi improves many components of health including falls prevention. Journey to Wellness clients will learn to incorporate mindfulness into their Tai Chi practice and apply it to other spheres of life. We offer 3 different variations of Tai Chi to cater to different needs.

Tai Chi for Rehab

A class designed for those who may need to be seated while learning basic Tai Chi principles. Everyone welcome!

Tai Chi for Beginners

A class designed as an introduction to the six principles of Tai Chi. Participants may complete the class either seated or standing.

Tai Chi for Energy

While all members are welcome, this class is geared more specifically for those who are familiar with the basic principles of Tai Chi.

Pickle ball

Learn how to play the fastest growing sport in the U.S. Pickle ball is similar to and combines components of most racket sports (i.e. Tennis, Racket ball, Badminton and Ping Pong). It is a super fun game that is easy to learn for all ages and abilities.

Cooking 101

Cooking demonstration and taste testing with our registered dietitian! Menu and recipe demonstrations change monthly. See monthly calendar of events for details!

Mindful Eating

Taught by an eating disorder survivor this class will help you explore emotional eating to recognize how it causes you imbalance. You will acquire tools to rebalance your positive self-outlook and your relationship with food and life stresses. You will be given the opportunity to practice your new behavioral skills while mindfully enjoying a meal together as a group.

Journey Together Group Coaching

A twice monthly interactive group discussion emphasizing support and strategies to deal with topics that can contribute to life stress and anxiety, such as menu planning, de-cluttering, body image and vision boards to more advanced topics such as epigenetics.

Supermarket Tour

Learn to navigate the supermarket like a superstar! Shop healthy on a budget, decipher food labels, and stay away from the marketing traps that lead to junk food in your basket.

Basic Training for Rookies

This class offers an introduction to strength training for beginners, utilizing dumbbells, bands and bodyweight exercises in a safe environment to familiarize and prepare participants for advancement to basic training.

SELF - Supervised Exercise with a Life Focus

Meeting twice a week, this drop-in exercise time provides exercise supervision and progression in a group setting to support you in your wellness and fitness goals.