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Nordic Walking 101

NORDIC WALKING:  If you are looking for an exercise program that gives you an opportunity to walk in spite of foot, knee, hip or back issues, this may be it!  Nordic Walking gives great core workout while de-stressing those areas.The workshops are free and open to the public. Call the front desk at The Summit (751-4100)  to reserve a spot or to ask any questions regarding Nordic Walking and whether it's right for you.  Diagram of muscles you use while Nordic Walking.   There will be Nordic Walking workshops on  the following dates and at the following times:

2019 Dates:
February 14 at 1:30pm
February 26 @ 5:30pm
March 14 @ 1:30pm
March 26 @ 5:30pm
April 10 @ 10am
April 24 @ 1:30pm