Healthy LIVING

Healthy Living at The Summit directs its focus on prevention using education tools and awareness in all aspects of health before diagnoses are made.

Our primary goal is to provide solutions and support while creating a united collaboration toward solving the rising health problems of our community. We strongly promote self advocacy and a healthy lifestyle not only at home, but in the workplace and our community. It is our hope that "Healthy Living" will have a positive impact on the health of our community, employers, schools, families, and community groups that share concern and interest in promoting health.

We will achieve this through the development of a strategic and innovative outreach model as well as by creating and supporting collaborative efforts with other community leaders and organizations that share our mission.

We encourage you to pursue an active role in your own health and to take advantage of Healthy Living's endless resources for any health-related setbacks. 

Healthy LIVING Event Schedule

Healthy LIVING has numerous events for the community each month.  See what options are being offered in November