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Parkinson’s Fitness Class

Parkinson’s Fitness Class

Parkinson’s Fitness class includes exercises specifically designed to target the impairments related to Parkinson’s disease.  With the goal of improving overall mobility, function, balance and balance reactions, the program utilizes LSVT BIG and Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery (PWR!) treatment protocols emphasizing BIG, HIGH intensity, repetitive movements in a small group training environment.  

Parkinson’s exercise class is a great opportunity to exercise with peers, to improve mood, and to reduce your risk of falling.  Classes are held twice a week and are led by LSVT BIG and PWR! Certified Physical Therapists.

  • Small group training every Tuesday/Thursday at 2-3pm.
  • Movements specifically re-calibrate the brain to decrease the small movements
  • Addresses rigidity, stiffness, and freezing which are common with Parkinson’s disease
  • Focuses on lower and upper body strengthening as well as static and dynamic balance
  • BIG walking to improve Cardiovascular fitness
Free to Summit Members or purchase a punch card.

Diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease is required to participate in program. Thank you.

For more information call 406-751-4520

What can you do to prevent a fall?
Exercise Regularly -  (balance exercises 5-7 days/wk, strength training 3 days/wk)
Improve Home Safety  
Manage Medications 
Annual Vision Checks