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Power Balance

Power Balance

Incorporating revolutionary training techniques, the Summit now offers Whole Body Vibration PowerPlate technology.  The PowerPlate is a new and dynamic equipment platform that uses vibration therapy to stimulate the nervous system that controls muscle activation.  Research shows when using the PowerPlate during exercise, individuals are able to perform safe and pain free movements and speed recovery time following injury.  The PowerPlate creates 25-50 vibrations per second forcing the body to respond by maintaining stability and muscle contraction resulting in better coordinated movements.  This type of equipment is suitable for healthy individuals that are cleared for exercise and strength training.
  • Improve upper and lower body strength and endurance
  • Improve overall balance, sensory integration and coordination
  • Increase agility and functional movement
  • Decrease risk of falls and increase confidence.

Small Group Training POWER BALANCE utilizing the Whole Body Vibration Powerplate with a professional  Physical Therapist and Exercise Physiologist.  Eight week program that meets twice a week for one hour working on balance, strength, range of motion and flexibility.  Provides pre & post assessments and open time access to the Powerplate. 

$20 Initial Screen, fee applied to the 8 week program
$70 + Summit Membership
$120 Non-Member
Personal Training utilizing the Powerplate for individualized needs.      30 & 60 minute sessions
$22 - $55 + Summit Membership   $26 - $65 Non-Member.
CALL TODAY  406-751-4533 or 406-751-4520