Comprehensive Balance & Strength Assessment

Strength, balance, sensory integration, gait stability, body composition, quality of life, and fall risk are assessed using standardized, valid testing tools.  Performance is compared to age-related norms and strengths, weaknesses and fall risk factors are identified.  Results are discussed with the client and individual recommendations are provided to address weaknesses and decrease risk of falling.  Recommendations will include referral to an appropriate Summit Training program.  A comprehensive screening report is provided to both the client and to the referring primary care physician.  A follow-up balance and strength screen will be scheduled 3 months following initial testing to determine the effectiveness of the training program in addressing individual challenges and progress towards fitness goals.

I want to participate in a Falls Prevention Program, what is my first step?
  • Call to schedule your initial balance and strength assessment and learn more about the Summit’s Falls Prevention programs751-4533 or 751-4520
  • There is an initial screening fee of $20.This fee may be applied to the recommended Summit training program.
  • Details on registration and scheduling of recommended Falls Prevention program will be provided following initial screening.