Summit Membership

Summit Wellness Programs

The Summit offers a variety of Clinical and general Wellness services to cater for your individualized needs.

Nicotine Free Living
Our coaches will build you a plan for making healthy, self-honoring choices that can raise your energy and give you confidence in quitting.

Concussion Management Program
Save the Brain - Concussion Management Program at The Summit assists early detection a treatment of concussions. 
Falls Prevention 
You may benefit from our Falls Prevention programs if you have fallen in the past year, feel unsteady when standing or walking or worry about falling. 

Healthy LIVING 
Healthy LIVING at The Summit directs its focus on prevention using education tools and awareness in all aspects of health before diagnoses are made. 

 Journey to Wellness Program
The Journey to Wellness Program strives to meet you where you are today, to help identify and harness personal strengths so you can confidently move toward a healthier tomorrow. 
Nutrition Programs
Our nutrition programs offer current science-based nutrition assessments, education and counseling for all types of people.

One2One Weight Management 
The One2One program offers three unique programming options to help you discover your joy and reach your health, wellness and fitness goals!

Wellness Coaching
Wellness Coaching is a comprehensive service that is tailored to each individual.. Wellness coaching helps you become your best self!

Workman's Comp Program 
Benefits individuals with diagnosed chronic conditions, orthopedic or other medical problems resulting from a work comp claim.

KRH Clinical Services Located at The Summit

Body Balance
Body Balance is a unique disordered eating treatment program offered through Northwest Family Medicine in collaboration with a multidisciplinary team from across Kalispell Regional Healthcare. 
Cardiac Rehab
Cardiac rehabilitation provides monitored exercise and risk factor management for individuals recovering from a heart attack, heart surgery, heart transplant, valve surgery, stable angina or a catheterization procedure.  All education classes are held in a Summit conference room and are free.

Occupational Health Services
Now located at 202 Conway Drive, Suite 200, in Kalispell, (406) 751-4189.
Outpatient Therapy
The Outpatient Therapy department provides comprehensive physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy services in the Flathead Valley.

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
A department of the Neuroscience & Spine Institute located at The Summit, (406) 758-7035. Office Hours: Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Pulmonary Rehab
Pulmonary Rehabilitation helps to improve quality of life for those with lung disease.