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Homeschool Swim Lessons

Summit Programs

Winter registration begins December 1!
Session 1:
Jan 3 - Jan 26, Tuesdays & Thursdays, 1:15 - 1:50 pm
Session 2: Jan 6 - Feb 24, Fridays, 1:50 - 2:25 pm
Session 3: Jan 31 - Mar 31, Tuesdays, 1:50 - 2:25 pm

Session Price (each session consists of eight 30-35 minute lessons):
Member: $42.00
Non-Member: $52.00
Ages: 5 & Up
Contact: Adriana Saunier: 751-4141 /
Enrollment Information: Enroll at the front desk in person OR Online. 15-30 students allowed per session.

Register Online

Class descriptions to help you choose the best class for your child.

Novice (station 1): Never had lessons and won’t put face in the water.
Beginner (station 2 & 3): Will go underwater, but can’t float or kick.
Intermediate (station 4 & 5): Ready to add arms and breathing.
Advanced (stroke school): Can swim 30 feet with good breathing. Ready to continue working on freestyle technique and endurance in addition to learning other strokes.

How do I register online?
1. Click on the link above to open the Online registration page.
2. If you have registered for swim lessons in the past as a member or non-member, please call the front desk at 751-4100, and have them send you an online login and password. We must have an email on file to send you this information.
3. Select the swim class that best describes your child's swimming ability. Please call Adrianna, 751-4141, if you have questions regarding class placement. Add all classes to cart and select checkout. This will prompt the system to ask you to log in.
4. Members with email addresses on your account please select forgot password on Login screen and enter the email address on your account and the system will automatically send you a login and password.  

5. NEW LOGINS - select Join Now and Sign Up as a Guest. Add additional family members to your account by selecting "Add Sub-Member" before you hit the Next button. Please double check your child's birth date to make sure it's correct because the system defaults to today's date. If you need to change a birth date please call the front desk.
6. Be sure to register your child for the class not yourself.
7. Be ready to pay for your lessons with a credit or debit card.
8. You will receive a confirmation email.

We look forward to teaching your children swimming skills.