Homeschool Swim Lessons

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Class descriptions to help you choose the best class for your child when the time comes.

Novice (station 1): Never had lessons and won’t put face in the water.
Beginner (station 2 & 3): Will go underwater, but can’t float or kick.
Intermediate (station 4 & 5): Ready to add arms and breathing.
Advanced (stroke school): Can swim 30 feet with good breathing. Ready to continue working on freestyle technique and endurance in addition to learning other strokes.

Cancellation & Transfer Policy

Cancellations must be made three business days prior to the start of the session for a full refund minus a $5.00 administrative fee per participant, per session. Make-up lessons and/or credits will not be available should a lesson be missed for any reason. No refunds or credits will be issued after the session begins.

Transfers: There is a $5.00 transfer fee to transfer participants to a different session provided there is space available.