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May is Water Safety Month

The Flathead Valley is full of water and we want you to be safe! The more awareness the better. The Summit is offering some FREE activities on water safety skills and stroke improvement during MAY to help you be safer around the water.
Remember the first step to water safety is to learn to swim. Check out our website for swimming lesson information. We hope to see you at the Summit soon. Happy Swimming!!

Water Safety Calendar of Activities

Enjoy our 6 lane, 25 yard multi-use pool, our warm water therapy pool and our hot tub.  In addition, we offer many aquatic programs for all ages and abilities. 


How Does It Work?

Our Salt Pure® systems provides our own self-contained, compact Sanitizing System, which fulfills all of our pools sanitizing needs. This is done by producing chlorine from a small amount of salt that is in our pool water. This process is known as "Electrolytic Generation". Not only is chlorine generated from this process but the chlorine generated then converts back to salt to be used over and over again.

Pool Schedules

Updated pool schedules for the Multi-Use pool and the Therapy pool are located on the SCHEDULES page.