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Birth Center Talk and Tour

NVH Birth Center

Birth Center Talk & Tour

This is your opportunity to familiarize yourself with The Birth Center. The guided tour includes an introduction to the south entrance area of the hospital, along with a variety of our labor, delivery, and postpartum rooms (as census allows). This is a great chance to find out about the admission process, length of typical stay, visitor policies, or any other general hospital stay questions you might have.  
Please note, a tour of The Birth Center is part of the childbirth education classes we offer. If you are unable to attend the tour during scheduled times, scheduling an appointment may be an option.
The Talk and Tour is facilitated by NVH Birth Center RNs. 
North Valley Hospital
The Birth Center
1600 Hospital Way
Please refer to the online calendar for dates, times, and registration. For questions, more information, or to inquire about a tour by appointment, call The Birth Center at (406) 863-3535.
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