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The Birth Center

NVH Birth Center

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Our Facility

The Birth Center has a serene environment to create a calming experience during your stay. North Valley Hospital is a designated Baby Friendly Hospital by Baby Friendly, USA, as outlined by UNICEF and the World Health Organization. 

In The Birth Center, jetted tubs, soft lighting and soothing colors provide a comfortable, quiet atmosphere. A portable fetal monitoring system enables you to walk freely or enjoy the tub without bed confinement while in labor, which can help labor progress more comfortably.

Large rooms are designed to enhance the family experience with a daybed or fully reclining lounge chair for an overnight guest, and most rooms feature queen-size beds. A new addition was added in 2016 with three expansive rooms that provide more space and flexibility for your birthing experience.

*Please note that we are not able to reserve a specific room for your stay.

Our Nursing Staff

Our genuinely caring, attentive and experienced obstetric nurses provide one-on-one attention and support during labor and hands-on bedside care during your stay. After the birth, they will assist you with breastfeeding and infant care.

Your wishes regarding procedures for your baby will be respected, and your baby will room-in with you, except for the select few who require specialty care in the nursery.

Pain Management

Solas Available options include supported, unmedicated birth and nonpharmacological pain management such as acupuncture, massage, music and aromatherapy, as well as pain management resources such as nitrous oxide gas, narcotics (Fentanyl, etc.), epidurals and intrathecals.

Nurses provide labor support with comfort measures, breathing techniques and birthing position suggestions. Anesthesiologists are available 24 hours a day for administering pain medications.

Cesarean Sections

Although many cesarean sections are not planned and our cesarean section rate is well below the national average, it is comforting to know that board-certified OB/GYN physicians and anesthesiologists are readily available at North Valley Hospital if an emergency arises. Our surgical suite is just steps away from The Birth Center should a cesarean section become necessary for your or your baby’s health.

Water Birth

Birth Center mom and baby Many women find that the built-in or portable birth tubs reduce pain during labor and birth, and most women who experience a water birth say they wouldn’t do it any other way. We are happy to offer this option in our Birth Center.

Breastfeeding Support and Baby Friendly Designation

Breastfeeding education and support is part of our designation as a Baby Friendly Hospital. We support the 10 steps to successful breastfeeding and we provide education so that all families can make a healthy choice that is right for them. Lactation consultants and dedicated nurses have helped families reach a breastfeeding success rate of 98 percent at North Valley Hospital.

We offer 24-hour, hands-on, bedside assistance during your hospital stay to help you succeed with breastfeeding. For continued support, we also offer a postpartum follow-up visit, postpartum lactation consultations and a weekly mother/baby support group.
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Tours and Classes

Remy Cawdrey We’d love to show you our facility and answer any questions during one of our monthly tours of The Birth Center. We offer free classes in childbirth, prenatal breastfeeding education, sibling preparation and infant massage.
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Your Birth Experience

Approximately 600 babies are born at North Valley Hospital each year. Here are some of the comments our families have shared with us about their experience.

“Thank you to the amazing staff at the North Valley Hospital Birth Center. The certified nurse midwives, doctors and staff awed me with their superb medical training and compassion. I’ve never seen such care, and I can only say that I feel honored to have witnessed the support the staff gave my wife. We are still talking about it.”

“North Valley Hospital has such a peaceful atmosphere; nurses were amazing and extremely helpful.”

The Birth Center at North Valley Hospital is dedicated to giving you the birth experience you hope for.

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The Birth Center

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