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Patient Portal and Resources

Patient Handbook

You will be given a copy of the Patient Handbook upon registering in person or arriving for your hospital procedure. You may access the handbook online for a variety of information, including Patient Financial Services policies and procedures, availability of financial assistance, insurance information and more.

Billing and Patient Accounts

At North Valley Hospital, we recognize that medical expenses are often large, unplanned and create further stress at a time when your primary concern is health rather than financial issues. It is our goal to help alleviate this issue.

Outpatient Services: It is important for patients to know that North Valley Hospital permits many different types of practitioners to order diagnostic services in the outpatient facilities. These practitioners are not employees of the hospital and they bill separately from the hospital.

Patient Business Services: North Valley Hospital has teamed with Patient Business Services to manage patient accounts and provide low-interest payment plans.

Patients, guardians and parents of patients have the right to a detailed bill for hospital services, but also have a responsibility to take the necessary steps for your balance to be paid. If you would like a copy of an itemized bill mailed to you, please contact Patient Financial Services.

Guide to Your Hospital Bill

Common Procedure Estimated Pricing

For estimated standard pricing of common procedures at North Valley Hospital, see our estimation tool. If you would like a cost estimate for a procedure or test not listed there, please call (406) 863-3500 and you will be directed to the appropriate personnel.

Guide to NVH charges

To access a list of specific and individual charges for components that may go into a procedure, see our Chargemaster list below.
  Chargemaster 4.20
COVID-19 Testing Criteria and Price Information

Sliding Fee Discount Program

Some North Valley Hospital clinics offer a sliding fee discount program to all those in need, whether or not they have insurance. This program is designed to provide essential medical services regardless of the patient’s ability to pay. Discounts are offered based upon household income and size. A sliding fee schedule is used to calculate the basic discount and is updated each year using the federal poverty guidelines.

All in-office services by a participating clinic provider that are medically necessary qualify for the discount. A sliding fee discount application must be completed in its entirety by the patient or responsible party. A completed application including required documentation of the home address, household income and insurance coverage must be on file and approved by the provider billing office before a discount will be granted. If the applicant appears to be eligible for Medicaid, a written denial of coverage may also be required.

The following North Valley Hospital clinics participate in the sliding fee discount program:
Eureka Healthcare Primary Care
North Valley Behavioral Health
North Valley Professional Center
North Valley Surgical Services

For more details on the sliding fee discount program and qualification guidelines, please contact North Valley Provider Billing at (406) 752-3239. Sliding Fee Discount Program Application

Medicare and Medicaid Assistance

Medicaid Medicare Our number one priority is to exceed your expectations. Please feel free to contact us with your comments for improvement. If you do not find our staff friendly and helpful, please inform us of this as well. This is your community-based hospital, and we value your comments.

Patient Rights and Legal Notices

Patient Rights and Notice of Privacy Practices
Nondiscrimination Policy and Accessibility