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What is a hospitalist?

Elizabeth Brandenburg, MD The hospitalists at North Valley Hospital are board certified physicians who provide care to patients admitted to the hospital. Their single focus is inpatient medicine, including:
  • Assessing patient needs
  • Ordering tests, treatments and procedures
  • Assessing the effects of treatment
  • Coordinating care with other departments
  • Obtaining specialist consultation when needed
  • Coordinating discharge planning, home care and follow-up with your primary doctors

We Offer Peace of Mind When You Need It Most

Elizabeth White, MD We encourage you to speak to your personal physician about the Hospitalist Program. After all, at a time when you may be feeling particularly vulnerable, it will be comforting to know that your physician has chosen us to assist in your inpatient care.

If you require inpatient hospital care, your personal physician may refer you directly to the hospitalist team or through the Emergency Department. Either way, you’ll have the benefit of the hospitalist team to care for you.

Hospitalization can be stressful for patients and their families. The North Valley Hospital physician team will help you reduce your concerns by providing evidence-based, quality health care. They will help you understand your health issues and guide your recovery.

We Keep Your Personal Physician Apprised of Your Care

Most primary physicians practicing in this area participate in North Valley Hospital’s Hospitalist Program. To ensure continuity, the hospitalist communicates with your physician while you are in the hospital. Following discharge, your physician receives a summary of your hospital stay, including post-discharge plans, medications and follow-up appointments.