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North Valley Hospital offers many educational classes

By Allison Linville

As a community hospital, North Valley Hospital (NVH) offers various classes to meet the health-related educational needs of our local service area. North Valley Hospital offers approximately 150 educational classes and workshops every year that address a variety of relevant community health topics. The primary subjects of these classes are general health and wellness, diabetes education and prevention, and family and women’s health. The hospital works to consistently adapt classes to address new or changing needs in the service area, and always makes an effort to expand class offerings to more people.

General health and wellness

A general health education class is Heart Saver CPR, AED and First Aid, which is offered the second Friday of each month. “Cardiac arrest is a leading cause of death in the United States, and survival can depend on immediately receiving CPR from someone nearby,” explained Terri Dunn, NVH Community Health RN regarding the need for CPR certification. “If you are called on to give CPR in an emergency out of the hospital setting, it is most likely on a friend or loved one. The more people that are certified can increase the chance for a successful outcome.” Currently, NVH offers the American Heart Association certification classes monthly from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Registration is required, and you can find more details about dates and locations on the NVH calendar.

Diabetes Prevention Program

Twice a year, North Valley Hospital offers the Diabetes Prevention Program, which starts in January and September. The September 2018 class will open to registration online in early August, with information available on the NVH website.

Those at risk for diabetes or working on weight management have found great success through the Diabetes Prevention Program – it’s an informative kick-start to build healthy, long-term habits. The program includes nutrition counseling with registered dietitian Carrie Archibald of North Valley Hospital and wellness coaching with Carrie Jacobs, wellness coach at The Summit. The program partners with The Wave in Whitefish to take part in small group training sessions with a certified personal trainer and provides a two-month membership to participants.

Pre- and postpartum classes and support groups at The Birth Center

The Birth Center at North Valley Hospital has a wide range of classes that address many needs of women and families pre- and postpartum. “We want to help as many women and families in the community as we can,” said Cindy Walp, director of The Birth Center.

Walp stresses that all Birth Center classes are offered free to everyone. Find details about classes or call The Birth Center directly at (406) 863-3535.

Classes offered by The Birth Center at North Valley Hospital include:
  • Childbirth Education Six-Week Class
  • Childbirth in a Nutshell – one-day inclusive workshop on childbirth
  • Breastfeeding Made Simple
  • Birth Center Talk and Tour
  • Mother/Baby Support Group
  • Sibling Preparation Class
  • Infant Massage
  • Baby Blues Support Group
  • Life After Loss Support Group

Learn more

To find class information, dates and times, and registration details, view the NVH calendar.

North Valley Hospital wants to continue serving the best interests of our community and providing pertinent health education classes. If you have ideas about classes that would be of interest to the community, please email