North Valley Hospital

Centered Around Value

As a nonprofit community hospital, North Valley Hospital is dedicated to serving residents through financial assistance programs for families in need. North Valley Hospital also contributes to initiatives and organizations that improve the overall health and well-being of our local area. In 2017, North Valley Hospital committed $26.6 million to the health of the community through charity care, other uncompensated health care, contractual discounts, and community health care education, support and funding.

Charity Care: $1,605,000

Charity care consists of health care services provided to people who are deemed unable to pay for the services they receive. Hospitals typically determine a patient’s ability to pay by examining a variety of factors, including individual and family income, assets, employment status, family size and availability of alternative payment sources.

To qualify for charity care at NVH, the applicant’s family income must be at or below 400 percent of the federal HHS poverty guidelines and their cash reserves must be less than the current Medicaid guidelines. Financial assistance is available for nonelective services, and we offer care and support to anyone in need, whether or not they have insurance.

Bad Debt: $1,565,000

Stats from 2018 community report Bad debt is the unpaid obligation for care provided to patients who have not demonstrated their inability to pay. For insured patients, bad debt includes deductibles and coinsurance not paid by the insured.

Contractual Discounts: $23,469,000

A contractual discount is the difference between actual billed charges and reimbursement received from Medicare, Medicaid, insurance companies and other contractual agreements. The discounts are based on negotiated or mandated payment rates where the provider has agreed not to bill the patient the difference. This means that the insured is only responsible for their deductible or coinsurance, not the difference between billed charges and the negotiated payment.

Community Health Education, Support and Funding: $425,000

This is the value of financial and in-kind contributions that North Valley Hospital provides to the community through activities like providing health care training, educational workshops, emergency preparedness training and exercises, support groups, free health education classes, scholarships, and sponsorships to help local health and wellness organizations achieve their missions.

Community Impact of NVH and Clinic Jobs

ER staff With 470 employees, the hospital and its outreach clinics are some of the largest full-time employers in the Whitefish area. According to the Montana Department of Labor and Industry, every job at North Valley Hospital supports another 0.63 jobs in the county. Additionally, for every dollar in wages and benefits paid to hospital employees, we create another $0.54 in wages and benefits in other local jobs. Therefore, our employee base’s $27 million payroll and benefits package supports approximately 277 other jobs in the Flathead County, worth $14.6 million in wages and benefits.