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Welcome Drs. Hilary and Daniel Hanba to Family Health Care

Dr. Daniel Hanba and his wife Dr. Hilary Hanba joined Family Health Care in early November to add more pediatric primary care resources to our community.

Growing up in Michigan, they both found their love for the outdoors in their hometowns. “We love to ski, backpack, bike, and run around with our five-month-old puppy,” states Dan. “This sparked our curiosity to move somewhere mountainous.” Both Daniel and Hilary completed their medical education at Michigan State University. Daniel completed his residency at Wayne State University/Detroit Medical Center and Hilary completed hers at Children’s Hospital of Michigan.

“Both Dan and I knew that after residency was over, we’d be moving out of Michigan — we just weren’t sure where that would be,” Hilary says. “I remember one night I was working in the ER in Detroit. It was about 3 a.m. and another student and I were talking about our future after training. The med student told me that his wife used to live in Kalispell, and that there was this new children’s hospital that was being built there.”

After many web searches later about Montana Children’s, both Hilary and Daniel found themselves flying over for interviews and accepting positions at Kalispell Regional Healthcare. “I am really looking forward to integrating more into the community here and getting involved,” states Hilary.

Both Hilary and Daniel knew early on that the medical field was something they were passionate about. Hilary says, “My mom was a NICU nurse while I was growing up. She loved it and was so passionate about it! It was kind of instilled in me as a child. I knew, however, that I had more of an interest in the diagnostic side of medicine. That is when I decided on the medical doctor route.”

Daniel stated that there were many reasons that led him into his interest in becoming a physician. “When I was in second grade, my mom lost the end of her finger due to a flesh-eating bacteria. That left a big impression and what really led to my curiosity into research and diagnostic care,” says Daniel. “I was an athlete growing up, and knowing how to make my body work better and knowing how the human body functions has always fascinated me,” states Daniel.

“I hope that at the end of my career I can look back and say that the place I worked at is healthier. I am really excited to address some of the major health problems that we have in our country, such as obesity, poor nutrition and substance abuse,” states Daniel.

Both Daniel and Hilary are very community focused and passionate about helping improve the lives of others. They have dreams to grow gardens in the community to help educate and empower people to become healthier versions of themselves. “We love to garden and are passionate about growing our own food and teaching people to do the same,” says Daniel.

Both Daniel Hanba, MD, and Hilary Hanba, MD, are now accepting pediatric patients. To schedule an appointment, call (406) 752-8120.