08:48 AM

RoboScout Squad Tours KRMC OR to see Da Vinci Surgical Robots

In preparation for the Montana State FIRST Tech Challenge Championship, RoboScout Squad (aka Girl Scout Troop 3709) visited the Kalispell Regional Medical Center (KRMC) OR to get a firsthand view at the Da Vinci surgical robots that are used at the facility.

Last year, the same team of girls won the Montana State FIRST LEGO League Robotics Championship. They were then supposed to go to the World Championship in Houston, but it was canceled due to COVID-19. The team decided to use the money they raised for their trip to move up a competition level to FIRST Tech Challenge, which competes using mostly aluminum and steel robots. As a rookie team in their first official competition last month, the team ranked second in the state with their robot, Kermit, and received two other awards.

The purpose of the trip to KRMC was to demonstrate real world applications of robotics, show some of the career paths that an interest in STEM can lead to, and provide the team an opportunity to share their robotics experience with KRMC staff. At the end of the event, the girls were able to show off Kermit to the surgical staff as well.

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