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News from Montana Perinatal Center

Welcome, Dr. Martinez-Poyer

Kalispell Regional Healthcare and Montana Perinatal Center are pleased to welcome Juan Martinez-Poyer, MD. He brings invaluable expertise in maternal fetal medicine and fetal therapy.

With Dr. Martinez-Poyer’s addition to the Montana Perinatal Center team, we are able to offer chorionic villus sampling effective immediately for pregnancies at high risk. We are now in a position to expand our ability to perform invasive fetal procedures to improve neonatal outcomes.

Dr. Martinez-Poyer has spent the last four years training at Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania, one of the top fetal therapy programs in the United States. We are thrilled to welcome him to the Kalispell Regional Healthcare and excited to explore the development of a fetal therapy program that parallels the services of the pediatric surgery program.

Accreditation for Fetal Echocardiography

Congratulations! Montana Perinatal Center has received accreditation from the American Institute for Ultrasound in Medicine for fetal echocardiography in addition to detailed first-, second- and third-trimester sonography. Sincere thanks to Elizabeth Darnell, RDMS, and Linda Bond, RDMS, for their assistance in the accreditation process.

Austine Siomos, MD, pediatric cardiologist at Rocky Mountain Heart and Lung, is integral to our program as she reviews all abnormal heart exams and subsequently offers a postnatal care plan to reduce families’ anxieties and improve neonatal outcomes. Learn more about fetal echocardiography.