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May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Learn about local mental health resources at Kalispell Regional Healthcare

Generally speaking, most of us do not dedicate as much time to our mental health as compared to our physical health. In our daily hustle, it’s commonplace to deal with stress and problems as they come at us. However, just like dedicating time to hit the gym, it’s also important to carve out time in our busy schedules to renew our relationships, thoughts, emotions and hearts. The benefits of tending to our mental health needs can yield more energy, stress relief, added productivity, enhanced relationships, memory improvement, better sleep, and a more positive mood overall.

Whether you are seeking to find a better balance in life or are in distress and need immediate support, Kalispell Regional Healthcare provides an array of behavioral health services to help you and your family. Here is a list of our facilities and the services they provide. Please visit the respective clinic websites for more details or to schedule an appointment with a mental health provider.

  • Montana Center for Wellness & Pain Management (The HealthCenter)
    The Montana Center for Wellness & Pain Management provides minimally-invasive interventional techniques, medical management of pain and the treatment of addiction. With a collaborative approach to patient care, our experts work together to maximize our patients' wellness. Treatment options include interventional pain management, medical pain management, addiction medicine, osteopathic manipulative medicine, chiropractic, acupuncture, Calmare® pain therapy treatment, psychology/counseling, massage therapy, and yoga therapy/gentle movement.
  • The Newman Center (Kalispell Regional Medical Center)
    The Newman Center offers outpatient psychiatric care for adults, adolescents and children in two Kalispell locations. The skilled staff of The Newman Center provide a fully rounded, client-centered setting with experienced psychiatric and medical treatment. Counseling and therapy services are available for a wide range of concerns, including medication management, anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship issues, job stress and life changes.
  • North Valley Behavioral Health (North Valley Hospital)
    North Valley Behavioral Health sees patients of all ages and aims to restore mental health to an optimal level and to help alleviate any symptoms that may be affecting quality of life, satisfaction and ability to function. By understanding a patient’s background, concerns, symptoms and goals, providers work with patients to develop a treatment plan to achieve peak mental health. Often, the stigma associated with mental illness prevents people from seeking treatment, which can result in a worsening of the condition.
  • North Valley Embrace Health (North Valley Hospital)
    North Valley Embrace Health is an outpatient program that provides individualized and group treatment for those 55 years and older with moderate to severe emotional, behavioral or mental health disorders. Senior adults and their caregivers have unique problems and needs. Physical decline, loss of independence, safety concerns and multiple losses are just a few that require special attention. This program provides intensive outpatient group treatment Monday through Friday in a caring and comfortable environment that follows North Valley Hospital’s Planetree philosophy of patient-centered care.
  • Pathways Treatment CenterTM (Kalispell Regional Medical Center)
    Pathways provides acute inpatient services for Montana clients who have mental health or substance abuse issues. The 40-bed facility offers clinically effective treatment through the collaborative efforts of a team that includes psychiatrists, addictionologists, certified licensed addiction counselors, licensed therapists, psychiatric nurses and mental health specialists. Each staff member is dedicated to delivering results-oriented treatment in a caring and confidential environment. Pathways also hosts weekly community meetings for depression support and Alcoholics Anonymous speakers.
  • School-Based Mental Health (Kalispell Regional Medical Center)
    Kalispell Regional Behavioral Health provides mental health services to qualifying youth at participating school sites through the Comprehensive School Community Treatment (CSCT) Program. These therapists are licensed clinical social workers and licensed clinical professional counselors. CSCT services offered at each participating school site include: individual therapy, daily group therapy, family therapy, regularly scheduled, crisis response on-site and 24/7 crisis phone response, psycho-education groups and daily mental health and behavioral health support.
  • Turtle Bay (Kalispell Regional Medical Center)
    Turtle Bay provides intensive therapeutic outpatient services for children and adolescents with emotional problems. These services are designed to increase the client’s capacity to be successful in the classroom and his or her community. By collaborating with experienced mental and behavioral health partners, public schools and community mental health centers, we can effectively provide the necessary services to keep patients in their own homes and their community. Services are available year-round, and each child’s treatment program is based on individual needs.

­Remember, mental health challenges can be present at any age – in childhood and as a seasoned adult. As pressures and demands increase at school, work and in our personal lives, it’s critical that we seek out the tools to maintain and bolster our social, emotional and mental health to be productive and happy individuals. Like your physical health, it’s best when these practices and decisions become a part of your regular routine or lifestyle.

Your friends at Kalispell Regional Healthcare encourage you to reach out and ask for help. You don’t have to wait for a complication in life to arm yourself with helpful mental health tools.