10:42 AM

KRH welcomes Kelly Malmin as its youth development manager

Kelly Malmin, PT, DPT received her doctorate in physical therapy from the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks, ND, in 2006. Prior to that, she was a licensed physical therapist assistant for 7 years, giving her over 20 years of clinical experience and an expertise in body movement, motor control, and motor learning. She has practiced in acute care, nursing home, neurological rehabilitation and outpatient settings. Her passion is in the specialty of sports medicine and the utilization of proper functional movement patterns to improve pain and lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

“I have worked extensively with patients of all ages dealing with functional limitations and pain due to improper movement patterns and a lack of mobility," says Malmin. "It is imperative we invest in preparing our youth for the activities they participate as they develop and mature. Youth are especially vulnerable to decreased flexibility and poor movement pattern development during their growth and development stage because of the musculoskeletal and neuromuscular changes that occur at a fast rate. More importantly, we must prepare our youth for functional movement through the continuum of life and educate them on how to set goals, empower them to accomplish those goals, and lead a healthy lifestyle."

Malmin is certified in dry needling, spinal manipulation, selective functional movement assessment and the functional movement screen. Outside of work, she coaches basketball and enjoys following her three children in their activities. Her hobbies include water sports, basketball, volleyball, golf, and camping with her family.

"Our bodies are meant to work like well-oiled machines, and if we can instill the idea that if we take care of ourselves and do the right things at the right time we will not only be bigger, faster, stronger, and more efficient in our youth but also continue to be active later in life," she explains. "Understanding the importance of investing in these steps is the foundation that leads to success in all aspects in our youth.”