11:47 AM

KRMC 3rd Floor Med/Surg unit collects necessities for ASSIST

The Kalispell Regional Medical Center (KRMC) 3rd floor Medical/Surgical (Med/Surg) unit held a fundraiser during the holidays to collect necessities for the ASSIST program. The ASSIST program helps the area’s socially and physically isolated neighbors connect with resources they need to regain their health and independence after medical incidences. As a non-profit, the ASSIST program relies heavily on volunteers for various needs.

Generally, the people that stay at the ASSIST center come with very few items and so 3rd floor Med/Surg took it upon themselves to supply the facility with various toiletries and other necessity items. They also donated a small stack of Walmart gift cards to be used on an individual basis.

“I want our 3rd Med/Surg team to know that I saw our ASSIST Center folks open a Christmas goodie bag with simple, practical gifts like gloves, lotion, etc., and the look on their faces was priceless,” says Jane Emmert, director of the ASSIST program. “They were childlike in their glee as they unwrapped their gifts and showed them to each other. It warmed my heart and I hope it warms theirs to know that their gifts made a difference for needy folks in our community. Their generosity will allow us to give necessities to folks throughout the year as they stay with us at the ASSIST Center.”

To learn more about the ASSIST program, visit www.assistflathead.org.