12:25 PM

KRH launches another wave of wage increases for employees

The KRH Board of Trustees approved $10.8 million in compensation increases and benefit enhancements for non-union employees. This is the fifth wage and/or benefit enhancement the organization has implemented in the last nine months.

“The essential work we do every day in caring for our communities especially during this past year with COVID is a testament to our employees’ perseverance, sense of family and most importantly their commitment to each other and this organization,” said KRH President and CEO Craig Lambrecht, MD. “I am proud of how our teams weathered the COVID storm and how they went above and beyond to make our response the best in Montana. Our patients are at the heart of every decision we make and we are honored to serve them.” 

Last July the organization invested nearly $9 million in compensation, benefits and HR enhancements, raising the KRH minimum wage from $8.50 to $13.00 per hour for non-clinical staff and $14.00 per hour for clinical staff. In November the organization enhanced the benefit plan with additional insurance offerings and in January the 401(k) plan was enhanced. In addition compensation adjustments were recently made to nearly 50 job codes that the analysis showed were falling behind the market.

The $10.8 million in compensation increases and benefit enhancements will include moving the minimum wage upward once again.  The non-clinical minimum will move from $13.00 per hour to $14.00 per hour and clinical will move from $14.00 to $15.00 per hour. These adjustments will impact the vast majority of the workforce. The unionized nursing staff must adhere to bargaining rules, which prevents KRH from making any changes to terms and conditions of employment; therefore, those employees are not eligible for the wage and benefit adjustments.

“I spent a lot of time with the employees last week during our annual employee meetings and was impressed by their willingness to learn about our future and their energy in moving forward together,” said Dr. Lambrecht. “I’m grateful for the work they do each and every day.”