15:07 PM

Introducing new leadership to the KRH family

Dena Jarog, RN, DNP, CNML, joined the Kalispell Regional Healthcare team in January 2020 as a part of the Montana Children’s team. Her role at KRH is Director of Inpatient Services for Montana Children’s.

Dena has been a practicing nurse for over 29 years. She has practiced as a bedside nurse in pediatric critical care, she was a clinical care nurse specialist is pediatrics, and was the director of Women’s and Children’s services. For the last six years, she’s worked as a nurse executive and clinical nurse educator. “I believe in being a partner with my team and with my patients and families we serve. I am transformational, a servant leader, focused on helping my team grow and develop through education and strong inclusive leadership,” says Dena. Outside of work, Dena enjoys horseback riding, traveling and just about anything outdoors with husband and dogs.

Dena states, “When I found out about the opportunity at Montana Children’s Hospital I knew immediately that it was the job for me. I am called to be a Women’s and Children’s nurse and the last 6 years away from caring for children and families made me realize that this is, and always has been, my passion. KRH has been so welcoming, from the group of staff members and doctors that I work with in my departments to the executive team that has placed their faith in my ability to lead. I am so excited to be part of the KRH family and I hope to have many years of service to my team and to my new community.”


John Pavarini, MBA, joined the Kalispell Regional Healthcare team in December 2019 as a part of the Montana Children’s team. His role at KRH is Practice Manager of the Montana Children’s Specialists group.

John has spent over 8 years working in pediatric hospitals across the country. He says, “I believe wholeheartedly in building and delivering an exceptional patient and family experience.” Outside of work, John is an avid snowboarder, backpacker and loves discovering new food and restaurants wherever he goes.

He states, “I thrive in being a part of something bigger than myself. I chose to come to Montana Children’s because I saw an opportunity to build a program, and that would mean a team that is committed to putting children and their families in our community first above all.”



James Bisom, BS, MHA, joined the Kalispell Regional Healthcare team in December 2019. His role at KRH is Director of Women’s and Children’s services.

James states, “I love team building and working towards common goals with those around me. I never believe any process is perfect and I think we should always be striving to work in a more effective and efficient way.” Outside of work, James loves to hunt and really anything to do with the outdoors, as well as spending quality time with his wife and daughter.

He states, “I came to KRH because I felt energized by the various people I interviewed and how passionate they were about their jobs and providing excellent care in this organization. I was extremely excited about what Montana Children’s can become and being the destination for pediatric specialty care in Montana.”