11:20 PM

Guardian of the Month- May 2019

Congratulations to Ernie Madrigal!


Each month, Kalispell Regional Healthcare (KRH) selects an employee that goes above and beyond to demonstrate strong character. That employee is nominated and selected by peers as the Guardian of the Month.

For the month of May, Ernie Madrigal was chosen as the recipient. Ernie has worked at the Summit Medical Fitness Center as a front desk representative for over a year and a half. He was nominated for his outstanding customer service and his ability to multitask in a calm and friendly way.

If you were to see the way Ernie interacts with Summit members at the front desk, you might think that he is good friends with each person he greets. That’s because chances are he is. Ernie has managed to get to know hundreds of people that he interacts with regularly over the past year and a half. “I love coming to work because that’s where my friends are,” he says with a smile. “I really enjoy all the people I’ve gotten to know around here.”

Ernie is known for his ability to interact with each and every person he encounters in a consistent, friendly way. “When I take a break in the lounge area, I watch Ernie work with adults and children, providing general Summit information both in person and over the phone,” says his nominator. “He is professional, courteous, and empathetic to everyone.” His nominator also mentions his ability to juggle multiple situations at once. “He remains calm in those situations and assists all the different customers in a thoughtful and timely fashion.” That dedication to the customer experience is what sets Ernie apart.

But to Ernie, that outstanding customer service is just the way he has always treated people. He credits this to his own golden rule: Take care of people the way that you would want to be taken care of. “If you take care of them, they’ll respond positively,” he says. “It’s that simple.”

Ernie says that an organization’s top priority should always be to take care of their people. To him, simple things like getting to know people personally, talking to them in a genuine way and developing a relationship with them in which you truly care for them, is necessary in creating a strong community. Community has been the common theme over the course of his career. In just about every single place he’s been, he has strived to to better his community in any way he could. In fact, he was even named Citizen of the Year in one of the previous cities he lived in because of his commitment to community.

While he claims that it’s nice to be recognized for his work, Ernie says he enjoys doing it just as much as those around him enjoy having him. “I enjoy everyone I work with,” he continues. “The co-workers and the members are all great. This is a great place to work.”

Outside of work, Ernie enjoys riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle, fishing, hunting, and just about anything else outdoors. He’s been with his wife for 20 years and claims she outdoes him when it comes to many of their outdoor adventures. He moved to Montana on a whim after he and his wife encountered Northwest Montana on a detour they took during a lengthy motorcycle trip and has loved it ever since.

Be sure to stop by the Summit to meet Ernie if you haven't already!