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Guardian of the Month - September 2019

Congratulations Trina Stivers from The HealthCenter!

Each month, Kalispell Regional Healthcare (KRH) selects an employee that goes above and beyond to demonstrate strong character. That employee is nominated and selected by peers as the Guardian of the Month. In August, Trina Stivers from The HealthCenter was chosen.

As the materials lead at The HealthCenter, Trina coordinates the procurement, processing, and delivering of materials used at the facility. “Every day we save lives,” she says proudly. “What we do matters not just to the people we work with, but also the community. Everyone needs this stuff. I get a lot of satisfaction and gratification out of making sure that things run smoothly and everybody has things when they need them. I just love to make people happy.”

Trina was born in Helena and after a brief time in Moscow, Idaho, moved to Kalispell with her family in 1972. She started working at Second Wind Sports Club in the 1980’s up until it was replaced by the Summit Medical Fitness Center. She then worked at the Summit in membership services and then as the pool coordinator. She later moved over to Flathead Outpatient Surgery which was bought by KRH not long after. When the HealthCenter was built, she moved over there and found herself in materials where she worked her way up over the course of nearly 20 years to her current position.

Known for her cool, calm, and collected manner, Trina has been described by co-workers as a true professional and a great role model. “Trina provides above and beyond service to patients, doctors, co-workers, and our community,” writes her nominator. “She takes ownership for all that she does and upholds integrity in her words and actions. Her dedication to her job is an example of excellence every day and in every way. She truly goes above and beyond.” Trina regularly works beyond her job description to help out those who need it. On multiple occasions, she has gone out of her way to help out with issues as far as Libby, Eureka, and Polson. When asked why she goes so far out of her way to help, she would often joke that she’s just trying to win employee of the month. “It started off as a joke, but I guess it was true!” she laughs.

But to Trina, it’s her co-workers that deserve an enormous amount of the credit. “Everybody in materials is so helpful to each other,” she says. “All across the system, we work great as a team. There’s some of us at the hospital, the Zone, and at the HealthCenter, and we all have each other’s backs. I absolutely adore them all.” It’s not just the materials department that Trina has praise for. She strongly believes that the employees of KRH are second to none. “We have the best quality here at KRH,” she continues. “I had a total knee replacement here not too long ago and I felt so good knowing that it was our employees caring for me. I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else!”

When not working, Trina enjoys working on her yard, something she takes a lot of pride in. She also enjoys spending time with her husband Pat, of whom she’s been married to for 30 years, and their three children Marissa, Cherise, and Mitchell. In June, she took on a new role as the grandmother to a beautiful baby girl, something she absolutely loves.