09:53 PM

KRH Green Team to host glass recycling event this Saturday, Nov. 16

The Kalispell Regional Healthcare (KRH) Green Team has partnered with Flathead Recon, a Columbia Falls based recycling facility, to put on a glass recycling event on Saturday, November 16. Stop by and drop off your glass recycling between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. The suggested donation to help with recycling costs is 10-30 cents per pound of glass recycling you bring. However, any additional donations will help with the KRH Green Team’s efforts to fund more recycling resources at the hospital.

For Flathead Valley residents, it’s been difficult to find a way to recycle glass over the years because many places that once did it, have either stopped, or gone out of business. Flathead Recon owner Dave Fishlowitz recently purchased a glass pulverizer with the goal of diverting good materials from the landfill towards reuse. Flathead Recon is currently the only glass recycling facility in the valley. By partnering with Flathead Recon, the KRH Green Team is hoping to do their part, as employees of the valley’s largest employer, to minimize the amount of recyclables in the landfill.

The KRH Green Team hopes to use proceeds from this event to fund more efficient ways of recycling at the hospital. Currently, cardboard and paper are recycled at Kalispell Regional Medical Center. There is room for improvements and the KRH Green Team hopes to lead the way. One idea that the team is currently researching is food waste. With KRMC being such a large employer, it is probably one of the biggest contributors of food waste in the valley. But they have a local solution with Dirt Rich Compost. They hope Saturday’s event will help bring awareness to the different local recycling ideas they have.

Please bring your clean, color-sorted glass (without caps) to Flathead Recon in Columbia Falls on Saturday, November 16 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.! If you have any questions, contact Heather Love at hNbLMNOP@gmail.com or Scott Lawhead at slawhead@krmc.org. Let’s all do our part to keep recyclables out of the landfill!

Flathead Recon is located at 455 4th Ave, Columbia Falls, MT. For more information about the work they do, visit their website at flatheadrecon.com.