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Beauty behind the curse

National Breast Reconstruction Awareness (BRA) day is something that the team at Glacier View Plastic Surgery loves to celebrate, and this year, they are celebrating their 2nd annual BRA day. This day helps the community celebrate breast reconstruction and the cancer patients who have been through this emotional process.

This procedure isn’t simply getting a “boob job”—it is so much more. For many women, the breast reconstruction procedure is about restoring a part of themselves. “These women really want to look and feel the way they did before the diagnosis of the cancer,” says Michelle Spring, MD, board-certified plastic surgeon at Glacier View Plastic Surgery.

The words “you have breast cancer” could be one of the scariest things a woman might hear in her lifetime. According to the National Institute of Health, one out of every nine women are affected by breast cancer. The diagnosis of this cancer can leave a woman feeling emotional and overwhelmed. If surgery is a part of their breast cancer treatment, breast reconstruction surgery may be something that a woman decides to do to help rebuild their shape and look, and most importantly, feel like themselves again. Women who have breast cancer need to know is that they have a voice and they have a choice.

“When looking for a plastic surgeon, be sure to find reputable, board-certified surgeons,” says Dr. Spring. “Safety and experience are important when researching which medical professional you go with.”

After the diagnosis of breast cancer, a treatment plan is developed. Dr. Spring is usually the next person that these women will come in contact with. Dr. Spring in collaboration with Michael Hromadka, MD, board-certified plastic surgeon at Glacier View Plastic Surgery and the team at Glacier View Plastic Surgery specialize in breast implant surgery and help meet with patients that have a breast cancer diagnosis and then work together to discover next steps that they are most comfortable with.

The reconstruction process has two categories, immediate and delayed reconstruction. The advantage to having immediate reconstruction is that there is just one procedure that happens and the plastic surgeon works in conjunction with the oncologist breast surgeon to have everything done at once. Delayed reconstruction has its advantages as well, in that most women feel that delaying the reconstruction process gives them more time to focus and research the reconstruction treatment that would be best for them.

“If you have implants, make sure that you keep following up with your plastic surgeon,” says Dr. Spring.

Most women assume that after implant surgery, follow-up visits are not necessarily needed, but that is not the case. Dr. Spring states “It’s important to have follow-ups in case of a rupture. These are foreign objects in your bodies, and we want to make sure that they are checked regularly.” 

National Breast Reconstruction Awareness (BRA) day event at Glacier View Plastic Surgery is October 16 from 12-2 p.m. at 60 Four Mile Drive, Suite 10., and it will be a great way to help celebrate the women in our community who have gone through this breast reconstruction due to cancer. Even if you have not been directly impacted by breast cancer, you are encouraged to join and show your support for breast cancer survivors. Let’s help celebrate these brave women!

Written By Jael Espinosa

This article was originally published in the October 2019 issue of Montana Woman.