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Save the Brain

Save the Brain
Save the Brain is a nonprofit community program comanaged by the Neuroscience & Spine Institute and The Summit Medical Fitness Center. The mission of this program is to develop and promote a cohesive and coherent concussion education, evaluation and treatment system related to concussion care.

Concussion symptoms can span multiple fields of expertise, and the care team approach looks at the concussion from every angle. Developed by a team of expert neuroscience, family practice, pediatrics, orthopedic and sports medicine clinicians, this program provides comprehensive prevention, education, treatment and care for all athletes.

In Montana, the Dylan Steigers Protection of Youth Athletes Act requires each organized youth athletic activity to adopt policies and procedures to inform athletic trainers, coaches, officials, youth athletes and parents/guardians about the nature and risk of brain injuries. This information must be consistent with current medical knowledge and guidelines. The below concussion education video and quiz help to fulfill this mandate.

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The Concussion Clinic

Physical medicine and rehabilitation, also known as physiatry, focuses on enhancing and restoring functional ability and quality of life to patients. We specialize in the care of patients with brain injuries ranging in severity from mild concussions to severe brain bleeding. Our physiatrists (physicians who specialize in physical medicine and rehabilitation) understand there are many challenges when recovering from a brain injury and will partner with you and your family to develop a comprehensive treatment plan to meet your goals for returning to school, work, sports and life.

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