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Save the Brain

Save the Brain’s mission is to develop and promote a cohesive and coherent concussion education, evaluation and treatment system for northwest Montana.

In Montana, the Dylan Steigers Protection of Youth Athletes Act requires each organized youth athletic activity to adopt policies and procedures to inform athletic trainers, coaches, officials, youth athletes and parents/guardians about the nature and risk of brain injuries. This information must be consistent with current medical knowledge and guidelines. The below concussion education video and quiz help to fulfill this mandate.

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About Save the Brain

The brain is the essence of life. It is the body's "mission control." In order to do any physical task, we must first think of it, plan it, organize it and put it into action – and our brains can complete this process in a fraction of a second. We do this all the time – sometimes consciously and often unconsciously. Every thought, emotion, movement and sensation happens in the brain. The brain is amazing! It is also the most delicate organ in the body.

Concussions are the most common brain injury. The Save the Brain campaign was created with the mission to make awareness, treatment and recovery from concussion as positive and effective as possible.

Save the Brain hosts events throughout Montana's communities to facilitate discussion related to each community's concussion management policies and procedures. Save the Brain also assists communities throughout Montana by providing tools and training for clinicians, educators, coaches and athletic staff, as well as for students and their families.

These tools, documents and training presentations have been reviewed and vetted by the Save the Brain board members. The board is comprised of health care practitioners and professionals involved in education and athletics who have a common interest in preventing concussion-related deaths and injury.

We have pulled together the best available science, experts, tools and information to create this program for you and the whole community with one simple goal: Save the Brain.